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 Unban Please *Apex74*

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PostSubject: Unban Please *Apex74*   Sat Aug 11, 2012 5:17 pm

In-game name: Apex74
Steam ID::STEAM_0:0:26177863
Admin(s) in the server: [GoG] Mango & [GoG] Execute, who changed his name to Sandusky's cellmate Later on in the game (just incase to review records er w/e)..
Admin who banned you: [GoG] Mango
Reason for ban: I honestly do not know, the round i was playing, i was T and i ran outside the backdoor, and threw a flash, i started shooting at someone by the truck, got a head shot, apparently it being Mango, when he was killed he exploded all players on the server (killed), and then the next round, i typed in CHAT, "lmao, mad?"..and then i was banned, the ban did not tell me whether or not it was perma or not but i figured this was really..uncalled for, as for i did nothing wrong? i dont think? i mean this is ThE only server i play on, most admins who have played with me know i do not cheat nor am i annoying.. in my opinion of course.. i've never been kicked or had any action taken against me..
Time of ban EST: Approximately 4:07PM on 08/11/2012.

Thank you in Advance.

nvm this..saw for only one hour on new forums..
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Unban Please *Apex74*
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