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 Unban Request

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Uber Nub
Uber Nub

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PostSubject: Unban Request   Fri Jul 20, 2012 10:59 pm

In-game name: TND Stillmatic
Steam ID:nilocktage
Admin(s) in the server:Windows 95
Admin who banned you:Windows 95
Reason for ban:No freakin clue.. i sniped him twice and was saying something on the mic but i couldnt understand because my speakers dont work....
Time of ban EST:1050ish

I have no clue if im perm. banned or only temp, Please reverse this

p.s. I suck dick! DONKEY DICK that is!
p.s.s. Don't be a fucking dick when posting a unban request. Think about it would you want some asshole to start talking back to you?
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Unban Request
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