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 Un Ban request for fake willis

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PostSubject: Un Ban request for fake willis   Mon Feb 20, 2012 9:32 pm

In-game name: Aspect| Willis
Steam ID: 0:0:32566962
Admin(s) in the server: founder and a couple others. Gunslinger walked in, in the end.
Admin who banned you: Omen(Music)
Reason for ban: omen got super butt hurt because i said "how can you hear when you have music in ur name" (Omen(music)) and he got all mad at me because i was calling out this perplexing paradox that omen was lieing to us. then he went on a supermad power trip because he only knows how to kick ban and mute people and i called him on that. all in all some admins are on power trips i play in this server a lot and generally i have little to no problems with any of the admins. i usually get a long with most but when you guys are in a bad mood you go way far to quickly.
Time of ban EST: 4:00 eastern
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Un Ban request for fake willis
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