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 Very poor admin, abusing power

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PostSubject: Very poor admin, abusing power   Thu Jan 05, 2012 2:53 am

Joined your server for the first time ever and my visit was very brief indeed. After merely only two rounds I was slayed by "bong` hits` alone`". Of course i asked why, and i was told to edit my rates. Normally of course I'd understand, except the fact that my rates were already beyond what was requested. I explained it, rather feeling rushed cause it was obscene his actions slaying me without any real warning. He said people fix your rates, and i knew mine were fine. Then the next round he yet again slays me! While i wasn't even playing! I was confirming my rates in the console. On top of it, he bans my friend Benzo, which also was there only a few rounds for the first time ever and I know for a fact his rates were perfectly fine too! Maybe it's cause I had a very good connection to the server and my ping was only 7 that he thought my rates were down. However he continued to slay me, thus leaving no purpose to staying on the server or to ever come back.

IMO, evict his admin power or knock him upside the head. Silly turd doesn't know what rates are apparently. Yeah i was rude, but i had a right to be with his actions. Not like i was cursing him out or anything.

William Wallace was kind enough to list the rate commands when I requested them. As you can see though, my rates were all within the limits. Silly Bong, seems you smoke a little to much Laughing

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Very poor admin, abusing power
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