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 unban plz

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Uber Nub
Uber Nub

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PostSubject: unban plz   Wed Feb 02, 2011 6:49 pm

In-game name: adam
Steam ID: 2342343525
Admin(s) in the server: not sure
Admin who banned you: not sure
Reason for ban: read paragraph below
Time of ban EST: around noonish 2/2/11

I had a misunderstanding with an admin (not knowing it was an admin). I was on the server for an hour or so and enjoying it a lot. Then I shot someone in the ducts that had shown up on my radar. Someone over headset said "Don't shoot faggots in the ducts unless they're on your radar" and I said "I shot the faggot in the duct because the faggot was on my radar". I must have said that to an admin, because I got banned. Anyways, I would like an unban because I a) enjoyed the server and b) LOVE that rule and will continue to obey by it.

changed steam id on edit

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[GoG] prODigY
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Special Super Secret Spy

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PostSubject: Re: unban plz   Wed Feb 02, 2011 7:24 pm

It's only a temp ban. You'll be unbanned by tomorrow.
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unban plz
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