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 Game Ideas?

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Special Super Secret Spy
Special Super Secret Spy

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PostSubject: Re: Game Ideas?   Wed Sep 29, 2010 11:31 pm


That one line that will get them all to play: "Once you enter the dark and mysterious hole, there is no pulling out"

And now a look inside of the hole:

A bonus, and a disturbance:
Also an example of potential items or properties found within the game.

In the game Socrates is quite the character, in between chats with you he will be constantly eating something that you may not be sure of what it is. The spinach to Pop-Eye, is like the Spotted-Dick to Socrates. Top secret hidden evidence shows that Socrates was a co-founder of this sweet delight. Spotted Dick is back on menu boys. Sported solely by Socrates himself. Whenever you come across a Spotted Dick or Spotted Richard while venturing deeper into the rabbit hole, you will find that it is indeed the most hated food of Rabbits. Using this hard earned tool of justice will buy you time, and remember, time is everything. Remember kids, don't try chalfing at home. (Chalf (verb): To douse one's genitals and penis into heavy, chunky peanut butter before commencing anal sex so as to make for a more pleasurable ass-to-mouth experience.) With that being said, peanut butter is a cute little bunny's favourite thing to chow down on, so clean up well in advance of your tour into this foreign hole. Not many people stick it in there, and you will have enough trouble getting out when you have peanut butter all over the place. They will smell you, they will find you, and they will definitely enjoy every last lick of the peanut butter that you have, even if it means they will have to go for your Spotted Dick.

After seeing the picture of peanut butter, you may wonder where Peter Pan comes into all of this.

This is much like the relationship that you will experience in the game between yourself, and your bunny wife that you loved, or once loved in the world you once knew and understood.

But that's not all.. Your character was going through some life changes prior to his change in thinking. He was experimenting with different and new things. His wife above just could not put out for him anymore, and he sought a new hope, a new companionship.

His new love is a star in that world, a singer if you had to put words to it. This man, or woman, it rather, has more talent than you could ever possibly imagine or comprehend as a human life-form.

Find out for yourself:

His father was a rat of sorts, and therefore a friend to the rabbits. You will have to pick which relationship works better in your favor. A wife who can't put out, or a man with extreme talent and vocals that will have you orgasm from a mile away.

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I like rusty spoons.
I like rusty spoons.

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PostSubject: Re: Game Ideas?   Thu Sep 30, 2010 12:50 am

thats hot
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Im the real Slim Shadey.
Im the real Slim Shadey.

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PostSubject: Re: Game Ideas?   Thu Sep 30, 2010 7:48 am

Kids these days
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PostSubject: Re: Game Ideas?   

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Game Ideas?
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