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 For klown/anyone interested

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PostSubject: For klown/anyone interested   Sat Aug 28, 2010 5:53 pm

Quote :
For CSP 1.05, both new smaller player models are in game. They are no more then 63 units tall, with view height of exactly 53 units. Animations are about 70% complete, these are "first run" animations, sort of like alpha. Its exciting to see them, but the game is not yet ready for wide testing. Mazzer has literally put in 1-2 hours or more A DAY of his own personal time to make these a reality.

Now, another issue which has been a heated discussion just about everywhere, is the removal of the -tickrate command from CS:S. It is absolutely insane to limit the server admins in this way, and it seems they are already using plugins to hack around this, but why should they have to do this? In light of this decision, I have decided to default CSP 1.05 to 100 tick. The -tickrate command will still be there, and work perfectly for those who want to run 66 for lower bandwidth or older hardware situations..

So the long story short is, CSP 1.05 will see public release in 2010, with new models. It will support both 66 and 100 tick. It will have working server side physics for both, and give the players what they want. If we find any discrepancies due to tickrate, we will spend however long it takes to correct them, because Counter-Strike is worth the effort.

there is the info on it, i really want the cl_crosshairscale command in it too, then ill totally stop source lol
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For klown/anyone interested
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