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 "Đς ₪ PĩĿọţ"

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Uber Nub
Uber Nub

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PostSubject: "Đς ₪ PĩĿọţ"   Sun Aug 22, 2010 11:02 am

"Đς ₪ PĩĿọţ" STEAM_0:0:28334908

Stupid little Kid, being very very annoying. I got a demo of some of the stuff he was doing. Including Team flashing about 6 or 7 times one round and then other rounds. Spamming his mic, and hell breaking rule 5. Don't talk if you are a child Smile lol.

Being I havent a clue how to upload the Demo to yalls forums, just feel free to ask me for it, or post an email to send it to.

Also these 2 guys were not only camping outside past 1 minute left, but they also were glitching.. I got a screenshot of them both sitting in the spot above CT spawn

"Freddy Damovitz" STEAM_0:0:4354897

"PMossDK" STEAM_0:0:18945932

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"Đς ₪ PĩĿọţ"
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